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The nature of
feeling good

Each product of the Shalom line was specifically designed for your well-being, thanks to natural aromas and fragrances. Try them every day and discover how much is easy to feel good with your spirit and your mind with a simple gesture.

La natura di
star bene

Tutti i prodotti Shalom sono studiati appositamente per te e per farti scoprire come sia semplice stare bene con se stessi. Provali e preparati a cambiare in meglio le tue giornate con un semplice gesto quotidiano.


Edelweiss perfume

Edelweiss plant is very resistant and it is constantly subjected to temperature changes and hostile climatic conditions. Thanks to its robustness and the particular territory who grows, the Edelweiss flower has strong defenses and generates enormous benefits, especially regarding its extracts and natural oils.
In a 50 ml bottle we can find all the properties of this unique flower, in particular: antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Moreover, it moisturizes and nourishes the skin deeply thanks to the presence of amino acids and polysaccharides. It is the perfect plant to create delicate and aromatic fragrances.


Edelweiss cream

One of the rarest and most unreachable flowers of our peninsula is just Edelweiss: symbol of our amazing Alps.
This flower is not just a simple ornament, but it is also a great cure-all for our skin. This is why we created Edelweiss cream, to exploit all benefits of this flower on your skin.
Indeed, Edelweiss improves bloodstream thanks to its antioxidant properties. It inhibits the appearance of wrinkles and plays an anti-age effect creating a new olfactory experience too. Sometimes we just need a daily gesture to cure and moisturize skin face in the most natural and simple way.


Pine and Calendula

Pine and Calendula are other two symbols of our Dolomites, in fact with these plants we have created two natural products for body care: that is Lipstick.
Pine extracts have in fact antiseptic properties, but not only that. Mucolytic and anti-inflammatory effects of these extracts alleviate muscle pain and give freshness when you put it on your skin.
Instead, Calendula has an antimicrobial effect against the bacteria and fungi. It is also lenitive for acne, dry and chapped skins and it also gives a fresh effect after sun exposure. A real cure-all for your lips, not only in summer, but all year round.


Chalet Home Fragrance

If you want to have always at home Dolomites aromas, you can choose Chalet Home Fragrance Sticks. It contains aromas and essences which will remember you the walks in the woods in close contact with nature; lunches in mountain cabins and the well-being of the Alps.