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The nature of feeling good always with you


The nature of
feeling good

Shalom is a Hebrew word which means 'peace'. For us it means much more: with the word Shalom we refer to a condition of well-being and the importance of being comfortable with oneself and in harmony with the world around us. Each Shalom product embodies the nature of feeling good and becomes the protagonist of beauty habits to be repeated all day long and on a daily basis.

La nostra linea

Live it with

What does it mean to live it with Shalom? The protagonists of these four short videos tell you about it, capable of facing life with the character and personality of those who are the protagonists of every day, moment and situation.

I made up my mind. I want to change my life and leave behind what I've been through, so you know what I've decided to do? I walk briskly along the pier and with a single gesture I feel myself again thanks to my Edelweiss perfume. Live it with Shalom!

Hearing the sound of the pages of a good book running through my fingers is what I like best. All that's missing is my inseparable cream to make the day perfect. A daily caress to hydrate my skin and make me feel even more in close contact with the nature that surrounds me. Live it with Shalom!

After a hard day there is nothing better than letting yourself go to the rhythm of music, to let off steam a little and get rid of tensions and anxieties. And if I have my Chalet air freshener at home, I end up flying with my imagination and letting myself be carried away by my favorite passion: dancing. Dust off an old passion and live it with Shalom!

Who says going out for a drink is the only way to feel good in company? Sometimes simple gestures are the ones that give you the most satisfaction. Just like the Pine and Marigold lip balm, the faithful adventure companions who accompany me in the days with my best friend. Live it with Shalom!

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