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Our story

From Longa perfumery (historic store in Livigno since 1972), it was born the new brand called 'Shalom'. This is a precious cosmetic line which enhances the well-being concept and the importance of taking care of our appearance, but especially listening and feeling your spirit and your mind. Shalom was born to stimulate its clients to take care of themselves and their own spiritual side, thanks to products with natural ingredients of high quality.
The word 'Shalom' has been chosen for its highly positive meaning, given that, if we translate it in Jewish language it means 'feeling good'. This is the real message that we want to send through the products: Enjoy Shalom, without anxieties or stress but with a great desire of serenity, well-being and inner beauty as well as an aesthetic point of view. Try Shalom line products and give one of them to someone you love to remind yourself and your beloved to feel good each day, more and more.